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Core to our technology offerings is Platform of Trust APIs. Check out individual profiles to learn more about them and access related resources.

Public API Capabilities

Create & Manage Apps

The Application API provides means to manage user's applications and perform different operations on them.

Create & Manage Data Products

The Product API provides means to manage products provided by Platform of Trust core

Create & Manage Digital Twins

The Identity API provides means to create, update and delete digital twins (identities) and manage links between them.

Create oAuth and Authorization Flow

The Login portal API provides means for completing OAuth flow and reading information about the logged-in user.

Fetch Data Model Standards

The Context API provides means to list available JSON-LD contexts of the Platform of Trust.

Generate Harmonized Data

The Broker API provides means to connect a service to a translator that will return desired data from different sources.

Manage User Access in Digital Twins

The ACL API provides a means for managing access control lists of identities.

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