Technical capabilities

What can you do?

Mirror your real world objects into Platform of Trust's digital universe

Transform your data about reald world objects into digital entities within Platform of Trust. Create the "digital twins" of buildings, floors, rooms, IoT sensors and link the entities together with [Identity API] ( For example, a building has floors and floors have rooms with IoT sensors. Buildings, floors and rooms can also be linked to digital representations of real world people as their inhabitants and owners.

What to expect next?

  • Currently (06/2019) Platform ot Trust's existing [contexts and ontologies] ( are very building centric.
  • Next up on our ontology team's task list are...
  • Access Control (ACL) API is coming in Q3/2019. The world is completely open now.
  • Platform of Trust can provide the creation of a complete building from BIM model as a Service for developers.
  • Searching through the existing digital identities in Platform of Trust will be made easier with Search API in Q3/2019

Share your data in a standardized and harmonized way

Design and create your own data products with [Product API] ( based on harmonized structures and [data standards] ( provided by Platform of Trust - for example temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide IoT data from buildings. You can freely define the scope and search parameters for your data.

A temperature data product could, for example, offer

  • current temperature
  • all temperature data from chosen time period
  • average temperature data from chosen time period

What to expect next?

  • guides and ready-to-use example products for developers (Q3/2019)
  • possibility for commercialization of data through pricing, terms and conditions and access control provided by Platform of Trust (Q4/2019)

Make use of data shared by others

Discover available data products with [Product API] ( Access data shared via Platform of Trust through [Broker API] (

What to expect next?

  • role based access through Access Control (ACL) API (Q3/2019)
  • improved data product specifications to make it easier to combine data from different sources (Q3/2019)
  • more data products and ready-to-use data for developers in Sandbox environment (Q3-Q4/2019)

Get involved - become a Platform of Trust developer!

If you are application developer, it might be a good idea to read Application Development Guide first.

If you are integrating data and creating data products, take a look at the Data Product Guide.

Open sandbox is your friend! Isolated environment for testing applications and data product integrations, read more from Sandbox Guide.