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Last updated: March 16, 2021
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We provide self-service tools for data value stream creation.

Platform of Trust provides developer tools to integrate any API-driven data source system often within 60 minutes with help of the connector component. You can utilize our expanding set of open-source connector components or build it yourself. We provide code examples with modularized architecture and a get-started guide.

Integrate Data in 60 Minutes!

A few of the many supported integrated data source systems in the Platform are:

  • Schneider EcoStruxure™ Platform
  • Siemens Navigator
  • Siemens MindSphere
  • Polku Innovations BIM Server *
  • Cozify Hub *
  • Granlund Manager *
  • Hubspot
  • AccuWeather
  • Fingrid
  • Digitraffic Live Trains API (Finland)
  • Office 365
  • SignSpace - Digital signing

*The connector is maintained by the providing company. Other connectors maintained by Platform of Trust.

For a detailed list of integrated systems and supported data products, click here.

Once the data source connection is established, you can construct data products from the data stream. The resulting data products are easy to consume data streams with harmonized data payload. Data product content can be for example temperature, humidity, carbon-dioxide, security, occupancy, and noise IoT data from buildings. The data payload can be current values, historical values, or prediction values.

Easy to consume harmonized data via productized API

Building a simple application on top of the harmonized data streams can be done in less than 10 minutes. Sample application code is naturally provided by Platform of Trust. This is possible because application development is done on top of the data products. With data products, developers never again need to adopt multiple data schemas – data has the same schema regardless of the data source system. Streaming subscribe-driven APIs are part of the version 2 architecture. Utilizing data coming from various source systems for example in AI solutions, machine learning, consumer applications, and process automation has never been easier and faster.

Launch an application in 10 minutes!

Dig deep into Data Products using our Ontology Viewer.

Ontology Viewer

Open Sandbox environment for experimenting and learning

Platform of Trust provides a free self-service sandbox environment for learning, experimenting, and building proof of concepts for your purposes. Sandbox contains the same features and APIs as the production environment, but with lower SLA.

Register to Platform of Trust Sandbox

Productized APIs and API client support

Platform of Trust is built on top of productized APIs. Great developer experience is the cornerstone of our APIs. Our mission is to support your workflow and enable a low learning curve by providing comprehensive guides, accurate API documentation in a unified format, and tested code examples in multiple programming languages.

Our APIs Include:

Product API (CRUD): for data product management

Broker API: for data product consumption

ACL API (CRUD): for managing access control lists

Context API: to access harmonized data models and ontology

Application API (CRUD): for register and manage your applications

Identity API (CRUD): for managing identities and digital twins

We have API client support for Insomnia available already and the Postman collection is coming during 2021.

Digital Twins management

Platform of Trust can provide the creation of a complete building from BIM model as a Service for developers with a ready-made tool. Identity API offers a more refined method to Create the "digital twins" of buildings, floors, rooms, IoT sensors, and link the entities together. Buildings, floors, and rooms can also be linked to digital representations of real-world people as their inhabitants and owners.

Check platform status and support

We monitor APIs automatically and react to any hiccups with APIs swiftly. In case you find problems in your application while consuming data via Platform of Trust, you can check the statuses of our APIs from uptime, 24/7, and see if some of the APIs are misbehaving. You can find our codes in Github and get responses for your questions in Stack Overflow.

Developer Portal is the place to be!

Our Developer Portal is a self-service-oriented, one-stop shop for all your needs. From there you find expanding set of getting started guides, API profiles, information about growing self-service toolkit, news, subscribe to the technical letter, and provide feedback.

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